Interesting things

Some links to other sites you might find interesting:

The Bristol Palaeobiology Research Group explores all aspects of the history of the biosphere. From macroevolution to mass extinctions, we learn from the deep past to inform our predictions of the future.

The Bristol Dinosaur Project Blog is the blog page of the Bristol Dinosaur Project, an educational and public engagement initiative.

The University of Bristol’s Palaeobiology Research Group carries out leading research into the colour of dinosaurs and have a blog discussing Dinosaur Feathers and Colour.

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs is a blog about the science, art, and pop culture of Mesozoic life.

Popularising Palaeontology is the webpage of the network that explores current and historical perspectives of palaeontology and their relationship to popular science.

Everything Dinosaur’s blog from ‘Everything Dinosaur’ – a team of teachers, parents and dinosaur enthusiasts who write about anything and everything to do with dinosaurs, fossils and other prehistoric animals, aiming to provide open access to news about palaeontology, research into dinosaurs and updates on fossil discoveries. (I confess I have some fabulous models from their online shop…)

Palaeoplushies is Rebecca Groom‘s superb site selling accurate soft toys of prehistoric, extinct and some extant creatures.

Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings is a blog aimed at people who might like dinosaurs and pterosaurs and want to know more.

Tetrapod Zoology, ‘TetZoo’, is a blog devoted to discussion, research, discovery and speculation regarding THE TETRAPODS: the amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, and all of their extinct relatives.

Some links to today’s leading PALAEOARTISTS:

John Conway

Julius T. Csotonyi

James Gurney

Bob Nicholls

Louis Rey

Jed Taylor

Emily Willoughby

Mark Witton